Male Infertility Treatment

Ten Surprisingly Common things that Causes Male Infertility


Are you trying unsuccessfully to father a child for sometimes now? You are not alone. Studies have shown that men are increasingly suffering from fertility issues. With every 1 in 6 couples affected, infertility is on the rise. Studies show that male infertility affects about half of the total infertility cases. Here are some surprising reasons for male infertility. Check it out.


Biological Clock


Yes, men have them too. Just like the women, as men age, the rates of infertility enhance as well. The men above 40 years of age often suffer from lower sperm quality and count.

Even if the partner of such men conceives, the chances of miscarriage get higher as well, and also that older father put pregnant women at higher risk of preeclampsia gestational diabetes, and premature birth. Children of men over 40 years of age suffer heightened risks of autism, schizophrenia, and childhood cancer. If you are trying to have a child past this age consult your doctor to find ways to mitigate the challenges.


Wear Boxers


A study from Harvard University has revealed that compared to the men who wear tighter undergarments, men who wear boxers have a 25% higher concentration of sperm and a 17% higher sperm count. Though not all experts may endorse this but switch to boxers is definitely cheaper than fertility treatment


Antibodies Attacking Sperm 


Antibodies are meant to protect your body from bacterial or viral onslaught. However, in some rare instances, the antibodies can interfere with conception and make it harder for the sperms to normally move and function.


Sleep Pattern Matters


Studies indicate that a longer or shorter period of sleep affects the sperm count of men. Men who sleep more than 9 hours and 6.5 hours or less have less sperm count.

Tips to sleep better:

Go to bed between 10 pm & midnight. Increase your weight training & aerobic exercise

No screen time before sleeping

The bedroom should be cool, comfortable and without bright light, noise & TV.


What You Eat Matters


Adherence to healthy diet habits positively affects sperm quality. A high quantity of processed meat consumption can lower your sperm quality & count.

Vegetables, fruits, nuts & cereals, fish, seafood, shellfish, poultry & low-fat dairy have been associated with a positive influence on the semen quality


Chemicals or Environmental Pollutants 


Exposure to these is harmful to semen.


 Climate Change


A rise in temperature can lower male fertility. In heat waves, fertility goes down. Rising temperature over the last few decades has been a cause of a decrease in sperm quality & count.


Carrying Cell Phone Pocket


Radiofrequency electromagnetic waves from cell phones affect semen quality through a variety of mechanisms in a negative way. Try to stay as far especially when trying to conceive & if you already have poor semen quality & count.


Smoking and Drinking


As you might already know, smoking and drinking can have a detrimental effect on the fertility of men. Smoking decreases count & alcohol quality.


Body Building


Don’t fall into the trap of injectable testosterone for a better physique. These can cause Zero sperm.

While you use this information to change your day to day activities to boost semen quality don’t get disheartened if you don’t see any immediate changes. The body creates new sperm every 72 days. So it might have two to three months to boost your fertility. If you are trying to conceive, start working on your habits as of now, it’s never too late


So, these are the 10 shocking facts that can cause infertility among men. If you are unsuccessfully trying for a child for years, you should visit the doctor to check for male infertility.

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