Full Body Checkup in Delhi

People visit hospitals and medical clinics for various reasons. It could be due to some illness or any uncertain health condition. Some even visit for their routine full-body checkupregularly.

Why Full Body Checkup is Important?

A routine full-body checkup is important to access your overall health. It also helps in avoiding bigger health problems on time. Furthermore, the potential health problem could be detected before time, if you go for routine checkups.

Contrary to your belief, the Full Body Checkup is not that expensive as you may think. Rather, regular checkups are quite affordable.

We Provide 100% Accurate Result

  • Our medical laboratory is fully-automated.
  • SCI Hospital’s Advanced Laboratory facilities are accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories), an autonomous authority under the Department of Science and Technology. This means that the chances of the medical test reports are 100% accurate.
  • The accredited laboratory, however, is required to follow a set of guidelines as per ISO/IEC 17025 for ensuring a high-quality management system for calibration and testing.
  • Our test reports are valid and acceptable at different hospitals across India, as well as abroad.
  • The samples collected by our expert Phlebotomists are processed by highly advanced machines.
  • The patients may even visit some big healthcare facilities like AIIMSwith our lab tests for further treatment. You may additionally opt for the complete body medical examination with a thyroid check profile, etc.

We are Affordable:

There is no fixed or standard cost associated with a full-body checkup facility. It varies from doctor to doctor, person to person and hospital to hospital. If we talk particularly about Delhi, the cost of full-body may vary from INR 499 to INR 4999 or goes up to INR 20,000, depending on the hospital.

However, when you come to SCI Hospital, the rates are very genuine and affordable because:

  • We don’t ask for any commission or additional fee.
  • We don’t follow any special franchisee model to prevent extra weight in the pocket of our patients.
  • We use advanced technology to get faster results, which minimizes the cost of tests.
  • Affordability is also contributed by low mark-up, high volume and cost-efficient facilities.

We are FasTest

We offer the fastest medical test results due to the most advanced machines and technologies used at our healthcare centre. We even offer the medical test results even within 3 hours on-demand.

The Basic Full Body checkup in Delhi at SCI Hospital includes medical tests like Full body examination, extended Liver perform Tests-LFT, Lipid Profile, Electrolytes Profile, Thyroid Profile Complete- T3 T4 TSH, Uric Acid, Calcium, Complete Blood Count-CBC, ESR, Urine Routine and Microscopic Examination- U R/M and Fasting Blood Glucose. All these tests help in determining various types of illnesses at an earlier stage.

We also offer the most advanced complete Body checkup packages that cover Iron profile, vitamin B12 B-complex vitamin, HbA1C, HIV, Iron and HBsAg.

Our Arthritis Package contains calcium, vitamin D, Uric Acid, Phosphorus, Rheumatoid Factor, etc.

Besides, we offer special packages for Fever, PCOD, Fertility, etc., along with the complete health checkup package.

Why We are People Choice

SCI Hospital is India’s Best Full Body Examination service provider for comprehensive and personalized checkups at competitive prices.

People trust us in more than 55 countries for the following reasons:

  • Specialised Care: We specialise at infertility, paediatric, maternal, gynaecology, mother and childcare and other health care facilities.
  • Advanced Technology: Fully Automated, ISO Certified Labs and High-end Machines for Checkups.
  • Specialised Team: We work with a team of expert and specialised MBBD and MD professionals, including surgeons, doctors, pathologists and phlebotomists.
  • Free Healthcare Consultation: We offer expert healthcare consultation to guide you throughout your medical examination or treatment.
  • Same Day Routine Tests& Reports: We offer the fastest same-day routine checkups and reports on-demand. We also offer timely sample collection without burning a hole in your pocket.

Best Health Checkup Packages

Package Name Parameters
Health checkup package Tests + Personalized Unique Diet
1 cost Report & consultation
Health checkup package Tests + Personalized Unique Diet
2 cost Report & consultation
Health checkup special Tests + Personalized Unique Diet
Package Cost Report & consultation
Complete body Tests + Personalized Unique Diet
Checkup Report & consultation

Our Doctors

Dr. Saurab Jethi
Dr. Himanshu Shekhar
Dr. Anirban Biswas
Dr. Ajay Sinha
Dr. Sanchayan Roy