Internal Medicine & Endocrinology

SCI Family Clinic: Your Neighborhood Clinic

  • Our experienced team of doctors attends all kinds of medical needs
  • In house diagnostic services Laboratory, X-Ray, USG.
  • Availability of Dentists, ENT, General Physicians, Urologists, Surgeons, Pediatrician,
  • Gynecologist & Ophthalmologist
  • No need to visit multiple clinics or specialists.

Prevention is always better than cure. In today’s hectic lifestyle, people often neglect their health. A lot of undiagnosed diseases/conditions, if left untreated can progress to life-threatening conditions. SCI preventive health check-up helps you to get a complete picture of your body & its health & our team of medical experts help you to catch any disease on that any pre-existing condition. Our plans are highly flexible & these can be further tailor-made and tailor cost to suit patient requirements.

Our Doctors

Dr. Himanshu Shekhar
Dr. Sanchayan Roy

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