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The human eye is a sensory organ that reacts to light allowing people to see things. Eyes are special and need extra care. We help you to take care of them by treating all eye related problems. Many eye conditions can lead to vision complications. Eye disorders and diseases can affect any part of the process to cause vision problems. Some major eye problems can lead to blindness.

From routine eye examination to various eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma & retinal diseases are managed here. We have team of highly experienced eye specialists who work towards providing cost-effective and quality eye care to the patient. Vision correction treatment such as LASIK services are also available at our SCI International Hospital.

Eye Treatments Offered by SCI International hospital


A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye that makes the vision blurry. Surgery is the only option to treat cataract. We practice Phacoemulsification which is a micro-incision technique with foldable Intraocular lenses (IOLs). The different types of IOLs include Aspheric, Toric and Multifocal.

Refractive Error

Refractive errors are the most common eye problems which lead to vision related problems. It includes myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. An individual needs glasses, contact Lenses, and in some cases LASIK Laser treatment (Customized, Intra lase), and use of Implantable Collamer lenses (ICL).

Retinal Detachment, Vitreous Hemorrhage, and other retinal diseases

These conditions happen due to bleeding or the contraction of the vitreous gel in the eye. To treat the conditions of retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage and othe retinal diseases we do both lasers and surgical treatment.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)

It is an eye disorder associated with aging and results in damaging sharp and central vision. It can blur your central vision and happens when the part of retina called the macula is damaged. It can be treated by FA, OCT, Laser and with the use of intravitreal Injections of Lucentis/Avastin/Macugen/ Steroids.


It is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. There are different diagnostic procedures which include OCT, Visual field analyzer, pachymetry and are treated by Laser and Surgical Treatments.

Cornea Scar

It is the irregularity in the cornea that limits the cornea ability to accurately focus light and most commonly caused by infections. We perform penetrating Keratoplasty that is a kind of Corneal Transplant.


This is condition with which occurs on the cornea bulges outward into a cone shape. It is treated with Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin (C3R) and Intac’s Surgery.


It is an eye condition in which the eyes point out in different directions. We do proper Check-ups and use of Glasses, Exercises and perform surgery to treat it properly.

Oculoplastic Cosmetic Eye Surgery

It is a cosmetic eye surgery that corrects all the abnormalities related to eyelid and eye and tear duct. The excess and sagging skin from the lid are treated to give a better appearance.

Trauma and Emergency Services

The sudden trauma and emergency eye services are treated on priority by our experienced team of eye doctors. Eye trauma need proper and complete examination as they are very serious and need immediate attention to prevent total loss of vision.

Eye problems refer to a condition that affects the eyes and vision. Some eye problems are natural consequences of aging but others are from eye damage and other underlying conditions. Anyone facing eye problems should consult an eye specialist and also follow a healthy lifestyle with regular eye check-ups can prevent eye problems from occurring. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Care & Treatments

No, for most eye surgeries, the patient is given anesthesia to numb the eyes so the patient is at ease. The patients might feel a little pressure but no pain is felt during eye surgery.

Eye surgeries are the most successful with a high overall high rate of success

Any operation on and around the eyes may result in temporary vision changes, including blurry vision.

The signs of vision damage include
  • Unusual trouble seeing
  • Difficulty focusing on near and far objects
  • Squinting or blinking
  • Change in color of the iris

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