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What is the New Procedure for Knee Replacement?

Partial knee replacement or unicondylar knee replacement

This procedure involves replacing only one part of the knee i.e inner (medial) part of the knee joint to alleviate the pain from the joint.

The implants used are extremely high quality & involve very limited bone resection from the native knee which helps in early rehabilitation & the patient goes home early.

Enhanced Recovery Pathway for knee replacement:

At SCI, we are working on par with NHS standards & we are offering fast track rehabilitation to our total knee & partial knee replacement patients as per Enhanced recovery pathway protocol followed in National health service (NHS) hospitals of England.

High tibial osteotomy

This treatment is a substitute to knee replacement in a selected group of patients where a wedge of bone is removed from the leg bone(tibia) to correct the alignment of the knee joint & thus offloading the knee joint by changing the weight-bearing axis. This procedure helps in relieving the pain of arthritis without having to undergo knee replacement.

Fibular osteotomy

This procedure is again used for a selected group of patients who have knee arthritis but do not wish to undergo complete knee replacement. In this procedure, a segment of the side bone of the leg (fibula) is removed which helps in decompressing the knee joint & thus alleviating pain from the arthritic knee.

This procedure has shown promising results for patients who are not candidates for knee joint replacement either due to financial reasons or medically unfit for a big procedure or as a personal choice of patients.

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