Tips for Easy Normal Delivery

Tips for Easy Normal Delivery

Since the world's inception, women have been blessed with the ability to bring life to the planet. They did it for years without proper sanitation facilities and modern medicine. Luckily, things have changed for the better, and modern science has helped improve the conditions to a great extent. However, with lifestyle changes, more and more women have been having their children through a cesarean operation. While it saves the babies in threatening conditions and saves the woman from the extreme pains of childbirth, normal delivery is still considered a better option because it is easier to recover from, as that is nature's way. Continue reading to find some tips for normal delivery to avoid cesarean operations.

Normal Delivery

Normal delivery, also known as vaginal delivery, is when a child is born without medical intervention, i.e., surgery. It is when the mothers push the baby out of their bodies without being surgically operated on. Pregnant women often prefer it because of the advantage it offers.

Pros of Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is the healthiest way of giving birth as it is nature's way and the woman's body is perfectly capable of birthing children unless there are complications.

Surgical interventions involve administering certain medications to women, which may lead to further complications after childbirth. Normal delivery has no such after-birth complications attached to it.

As noted above, a woman's body is naturally designed to give birth. Women recover faster after normal deliveries as no surgical intervention is involved, and the body returns to recovery within a day or two after a normal birth.

Normal delivery keeps the hormones in check and helps mothers lactate and thus be able to breastfeed easily, unlike women who have cesarean deliveries.

Pain-relieving hormones like oxytocin and endorphins are released during and after childbirth. The hormones block the pain and promote positivity and happiness in the mother's body, making her less susceptible to depression and postpartum problems.

Cons of Normal Delivery

It is one of the most painful experiences that humans can experience. The contraction, the vaginal tearing, and the exhaustion that comes from pushing a child out of your body can take a significant toll on your body.

Some women do not dilate well and require a vaginal cut to help with the delivery. It induces pain in the sensitive area.

The vaginal tears caused have to be stitched later. The stitches hurt after the anesthesia wears off.

Sometimes, the pelvic floor gets torn during normal delivery and may cause excessive bleeding that could potentially trouble the mother.

Sometimes, unforeseeable problems may occur during childbirth, and an intervention may be needed, making the process a little unreliable.

Cesarean Delivery

Also known as C-section, cesarean delivery is when childbirth occurs through surgery. Doctors advise it in cases where the mother isn't strong enough to give birth, or some complications may cause serious problems in a normal delivery.

Pros of Cesarean Delivery

Although the blog is about tips for easy normal delivery to avoid cesarean operations, there is no denying that it has certain advantages. They are as follows:

A cesarean operation is performed with anesthesia and is painless compared to a normal delivery.

You can plan your delivery and be mentally prepared to have a child, unlike in normal deliveries, where the baby comes out of the blue.

There is no risk of vaginal injuries with C-sections, as is the norm with normal deliveries. The vagina tears or a cut is made to accommodate the child's birth.

Women who undergo C-sections experience fewer sexual problems than women who give birth naturally because of the absence of vaginal tears and stitches.

Many women have to cross their legs after a normal delivery while sneezing, unlike those who go for cesarean operations, as they do not face bladder control issues.

Cons of Cesarean Delivery

The likelihood of catching infections after surgery is common. The cut takes time to heal and can cause various problems like bleeding, discharge, etc

Women are given many medications before the operation and must deal with the effects post-surgery.

C-sections leave you prone to risks in future pregnancies while conceiving and delivering.

The surgery requires women to stay in the hospital longer than those who have normal deliveries, as they are sent home within a day or two after giving birth.

The woman requires time to heal and recove with a C-section, as with any other surgery. This is not the case with normal deliveries.

Tips for Easy Normal Delivery

Women should always try for a normal delivery as the risks and complications are fewer compared to a C-section. Here are a few tips for easy normal delivery to avoid cesarean operations:

  • Maintain an exercise routine and keep your body active. This is one of the most important tips for normal delivery to avoid cesarean operations. Women who stay active during their pregnancies are more likely to give birth naturally than the ones who don't.
  • See a doctor regularly to stay on top of things and be aware of the child's and your body's progress.
  • Try to keep stress away as stress causes further problems to the already uncomfortable body, like lack of sleep, headaches, and more.
  • The hormonal changes, the extra weight, and the other discomfort-causing factors make it extremely important for women to get proper sleep and rest.
  • Avoid eating junk food and stick to nutritious food to avoid bloating and other gastric issues. Eating healthy food is also good for the baby.

Normal delivery is truly a better option unless there are complications. The body recovers sooner, the mother can breastfeed sooner, and she faces lesser complications post-birth. Keeping these few tips for easy normal delivery in mind, you can significantly increase your chances of normal delivery and opt for a C-section only if necessary and advised by a doctor.

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