10 Rules for a Healthy Vagina

Vagina- There usually exists much stigma around this word. It is considered taboo, and so many girls and women go about their lives without knowing how to care for them properly. The vagina is a susceptible area prone to infections, itching, and various other problems leading to the stage where one requires the vaginal tightening surgery. Since you cannot see a doctor every day, it is imperative that you take care of it as much as possible.

These Ten rules are meant to give you a Healthy Vagina

Bathe Everyday

The simplest and the most obvious rule for maintaining vaginal health is to bathe regularly. The female anatomy is quite different from that of males, and the vaginal area is prone to infections. Always wash the vaginal area after you urinate. Bathing and washing regularly keeps the area clean and protect you against vaginal infections.

Avoid Using Soap

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. It has a natural smell, and it is tempting to use soap down there to get rid of it. The soap’s pH can mess up the vaginal pH and cause dryness in the surrounding area. However, it is advised that you see a doctor if you experience any unnatural odor in the area.

Limit the Use of Intimate Wash

Although advertised as a female’s best friend, intimate washes are not as good as they claim to be. They often contain fragrance, and overusing them might mess up vaginal health as they can interfere with the vaginal pH.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Wearing light fabrics helps the area breathe and keeps it dry. Avoid tight clothing and stick to fabrics like cotton and linen when buying underwear. The silk and net panties might look good but can ruin your vaginal health. For more comfort, you can skip wearing underwear at night and wear loose shorts/pajamas.

Avoid Hair Removal

The vaginal area is sensitive and gets irritated when the hair is removed. Shaving using incorrect methods may result in ingrown hairs and make the area itchy. Hair removal creams contain chemicals that may react badly with the skin. Similarly, waxing the sensitive area is not a good option as it may cause burns, rashes, etc. One good way to keep vaginal hair in check is by trimming it. Trimming would avoid excessive sweating and keep the skin fresh and dry.

Be Mindful of the Period Products

The market is full of multiple period products that help with menstruation. It is only logical to use them in a way that helps you without having to look for vaginal itching remedies. You can keep your vaginal health in check by limiting the use of pads and tampons to the time mentioned on the product packaging and thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing your menstrual cups.

Wear Clean Underwear

This one is a no-brainer. Wearing dirty underwear can increase the susceptibility to bacterial infestation and cause itching and other problems in and around the vagina.

Use Mild Detergent

Always wash your underwear with a mild detergent and let the underwear dry in the sun to minimize the risk of bacterial infections.

Take a Balanced Diet

You are what you eat. Focusing on eating healthy food and avoiding the ones that mess with the pH of the vagina, like processed foods and items that contain sugar, preservatives, and high amounts of fat can help maintain vaginal health.

Careful With Protection

While using protection during sexual intercourse, avoid using flavored variants for penetration. They can mess up the pH of the vagina and cause itching. Always use the variants meant for penetration.

After following all these tips properly and keeping them in mind every time you are out but still feel your vagina is loose or unable to maintain proper vaginal health, then consult a gynecologist. Meeting a gynecologist will help you understand the possible measures such as vaginal tightening surgery or other treatment procedures as advised by the gynecologist by examining your condition. If you have given multiple child births, or are aging, then you must be experiencing a loose vagina that can have multiple issues associated with it but can be corrected by vaginal tightening surgery.

Keeping these things in mind and following them would keep your vagina healthy, save you from looking up vaginal itching remedies, and, most importantly, avoid unnecessary trips to the gynecologist.

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