Breech Babies: Causes and Complications Which You Must Know

Do you have any idea about a breech baby? Most of you would say – No. The term ‘Breech Baby’ might be new for many pregnant ladies. Don’t get surprised, if you hear this term, right before heading for normal delivery.

Breech Baby: What Does It Mean?

Just before birth, most babies remain in a headfirst position inside the uterus of the mother. But, in some cases, when the baby is in bottom-first position i.e., feet-first position, it’s referred to as breech birth. The baby is called a breech baby. In simple words, when the position of the baby’s feet and the bottom is downwards towards the cervix, it is known as a breech baby condition.

Usually, the head of a baby is faced downwards right during birth. Sometimes, the baby’s position might be head-up inside the uterus. This condition is referred to as a breech pregnancy.

Does Breech Pregnancy Pose Some Challenge?

Say the challenges mainly difficulty in vaginal delivery as the after coming head can get stuck and maybe life-threatening for the baby.

Breech Baby: What Are The Causes?

There is no explicit cause for breech baby birth. However, certain conditions that might trigger a baby to breech are mentioned below:

  • Abnormal level of amniotic fluid, either it’s very low or it’s too much.
  • Low lying placenta which is covering the cervix partially.
  • If the woman is heading towards premature delivery.
  • Pregnant with more than one baby.
  • The shape of the uterus might be a bit abnormal.

There is nothing to freak if you hear that you are heading towards breech pregnancy. It’s a very common thing for the babies to turn inside the uterus. Studies showed that even one week before the due date, babies have turned from their usual position.

Why Is Breech Birth Difficult?

Breech birth through the vaginal section is a bit difficult and can lead to some complications. After all, the big part of the baby, i.e. the head is going to come out last. Hence, a C-section might be advised by doctors. However, before heading for a Caesarean delivery, it’s better to consult with a doctor. A doctor can tell if the breech position, such as Flexed Breech or Footling Breech, etc would be suitable for a vaginal birth or not.

Turning a Breech Baby

There is nothing wrong with turning a breech baby. For turning the position of a breech baby, certain exercises and medical procedures need to be followed. To correct the position of a breech baby, External Cephalic Version ECV procedure is followed. On the other hand, physiotherapy could also help in this situation.

Myths are associated with breech babies. However, these myths don’t have any scientific base. What one needs to understand is that it’s a medical condition that is pretty normal during pregnancies.

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