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SCI Hospital in Gurgaon is a leading healthcare facility committed to providing exceptional medical care and specialized treatments. Our expert gastroenterologists and laparoscopic surgeons provide the best Gallbladder stone treatment in Gurgaon and are dedicated to diagnosing and treating Gallbladder conditions with precision and compassion.

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What are Gallbladder Stones?

Gallstones are small, solid particles that form in the Gallbladder, a small organ located below the liver. The Gallbladder plays a crucial role in the digestive process by storing bile, a fluid produced by the liver that helps break down fats. When there is too much cholesterol, it results in Gall Stones.

Gallbladder disorders, such as gallstones and inflammation, can cause significant discomfort and disrupt daily life. At SCI Hospital in Gurgaon, we understand the importance of timely and accurate diagnosis. Gallbladder issues can be assessed by using MRI, Ultrasound, and CT scan machines which can help us determine the best course of treatment plan to convey to the patient.

Symptoms Of Gallbladder Stone

Gallbladder stones, also known as Gallstones, can cause various symptoms, although some individuals with gallstones may not experience any noticeable signs. The following are the symptoms of gallstones:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Bloating and Indigestion
  • Gas and Burping
  • Jaundice
  • Changes in Stool
  • Fever and Chills

Causes Of Gallbladder Stones

Understanding the underlying causes of gallstones is crucial for preventing their formation and managing the condition effectively. The following are the common causes of gallstones:

  • Excess Cholesterol
  • Bilirubin Imbalance
  • Concentrated Bile
  • Gallbladder Emptying Issues
  • Obesity
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Age and Gende
  • Family History
  • Certain Medical Conditions

How Are Gallbladder Stones Diagnosed?

It is essential to seek medical attention if you experience symptoms that suggest Gallstones. An accurate and timely diagnosis can guide appropriate treatment to treat the symptoms and prevent complications associated with Gallstones. The most common methods for diagnosing Gallstones include:

Medical History: The healthcare provider will inquire about the patient's symptoms, including the location and nature of abdominal pain, digestive issues, and other related symptoms.

Blood Tests: Blood tests may be conducted to check for elevated levels of certain enzymes or bilirubin, which can indicate gallstone-related complications.

HIDA Scan: A hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scan is a nuclear medicine scan that helps assess the Gallbladder's function and detect any blockages in the bile ducts.

Gallbladder Stones Treatment

The treatment options for gallstones include:

  • Watchful Waiting: This means monitoring the gallstones regularly to see if they cause any symptoms or problems over time.
  • Medications: Medications like Ursodeoxycholic acid may be prescribed to dissolve cholesterol gallstones.
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: In laparoscopic surgery, the abdominal and pelvic cavities are seen through teeny keyhole incisions with the help of a laparoscope, a thin rod with a camera attached. Better patient outcomes and quicker recovery are linked to this minimally invasive surgical procedure. SCI Hospital has the best Gallbladder surgeon in Gurgaon who are skilled and expert in Laparoscopic surgery.
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL): This non-surgical procedure uses shock waves to break up gallstones into smaller pieces, making them easier to pass out of the body.
  • Endoscopic Procedures: Gallstone removal can be done using a variety of endoscopic procedures like percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gallbladder Stone Surgery

Ans - Hospital stays for laparoscopic gallstone surgery are typically brief, lasting anything from a few hours to a day.

Ans - Since the Gallbladder is removed following gallstone surgery, there is very little likelihood of developing new gallstones.

Ans - Yes, gallstone surgery is considered safe and is a routine procedure performed by skilled surgeons.

Ans - Small, silent gallstones might be treated non-surgically with things like diet modifications or drugs to dissolve the stones.

Ans - It could take 45 to 1 hour to perform surgery

Ans - Eat healthy fats, like fish oil and olive oil, to help your Gallbladder contract and empty on a regular basis.
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