HYPOSPADIAS: Symptoms, Types and Treatment

Hypospadias is a medical condition where the meatus (hole) is not present on the penis of the males. It is a condition that is present by birth and can be seen in every one out of 200 boys where the urethra which carries urine doesn’t end up on the tip of the penis but instead opens up either underside or in between the penis or behind the scrotum (at the proximal position). Hypospadias repair or surgery is usually done when the person’s age is between 6 months to 2 years and takes 1 to 2 hours and is done as an outpatient. The basic risks involved with this medical condition are bruising, swelling, infection, and shortening of your penis. Most patients recover within 6 weeks after the surgery. For a very successful treatment with less pain and comfort to your child, visit the best hospital for Hypospadias surgery in India to get the treatment done by the best Hypospadias surgeon in India.

Symptoms associated with Hypospadias

The general signs and symptoms of the Hypospadias condition are as follows-

  • Downward curved penis (Chordee condition)
  • The opening of the urethra is present in other areas instead of the top of the penis
  • Abnormal flow or spraying at the time of urination
  • Other physical abnormalities or deformities in the penis

According to the Urology Care Foundation, around 8 boys in 100 boys suffer from the medical condition of Hypospadias and also have a testicle that hasn't completely dropped into the scrotum.

Types of Hypospadias

There are three different types of Hypospadias. The different types of Hypospadias are based on the location of the abnormal opening of the urethra and are discussed below-

Subcoronal Hypospadias

In Subcoronal Hypospadias, the abnormal opening of the urethra is located near the head of the penis.

Midshaft Hypospadias

In Midshaft Hypospadias, the abnormal opening of the urethra is located along the shaft of the penis.

Penoscrotal Hypospadias

In Penoscrotal Hypospadias, the abnormal opening is located where the penis and scrotum meet.

Repair or surgery is required for all types of Hypospadias conditions to prevent complications and rectify the abnormality. Our best hypospadias surgeon in India at the SCI hospital first does a complete examination of the patient to understand all the symptoms and the condition of your problem to proceed with the surgery.

Causes of Hypospadias

Hypospadias is a congenital medical condition which means it develops when the baby is in his mother’s womb and isn’t able to develop normally. When the fetus begins to grow, the tissue of the underside is not completely closed which shortens the passage of urination. In usual cases, the foreskin covers the top of the penis resulting in additional foreskin development on the top instead of the underside. If the child has hypospadias, he can also suffer from congenital penile curvature also known as chordee and penoscrotal transposition which is a condition where the scrotum develops above the penis of the person.

Treatment procedures

The only treatment for Hypospadias condition is surgery and is recommended to undergo surgery in the initial 6 months to 15 months as at that time psychological effects of the treatment are minimal. But it is not compulsory to get a Hypospadias repair treatment done as if it is in minor condition, then there is no requirement for the surgery but if it is a complex case, it is required to undergo surgery to make urinating and achieve orgasm easier and more comfortably. The main aim of the Hypospadias treatment is to reconstruct the straight penis with the urethra opening as closer to the penis top as possible.

The surgery is completed in a day and is often done in stages. Our experienced surgeons are the best hypospadias surgeons in India and usually work on straightening the penis first before making a urinary channel. The Hypospadias surgery cost in India is approximately Rs 90,000 to Rs 2,60,000 depending on your location and hospital in India. The surgery is mostly done on boys but adults can opt for it if they have the same condition too. Medical professionals might also suggest testosterone treatment before the surgery in case the penis is too small. After the surgery is successful, surgeons leave a catheter in the penis to keep urine from touching fresh repair. However, this arrangement is temporary and the penis looks normal after surgery.

Hypospadias is a medical condition in which the opening of the penis is located on the underside rather than the tip. Hypospadias can be of three types depending on the location of the abnormal opening. Symptoms include physical deformities of the penis and an abnormal urinary stream amongst others. If you notice any such symptoms contact the SCI hospital being the best hospital for hypospadias surgery in India under the guidance of the best hypospadias surgeon in India immediately for professional advice.

Surgery of Hypospadias can be done to rectify-

  • Make the urethral opening at the penis tip. It manages the stream of urine while standing.
  • If the penis is curved, it is straightened up to minimize the risk of normal intercourse in later stages of life.

Challenges faced by the treatment in adults

Longer healing time as compared to infants

The overall success rate of Hypospadias repair in adults is quite successful and comparable to the treatment in children whereas the healing takes a very long time. The passage of urine starts normally after 2-3 weeks but it takes 2-3 months for the foreskin of the penis to recover completely.

Higher risks of infections

Due to the hair growth in the penile area along with a lot of sweating in the adults, the chances of infection from the Hypospadias repair increase in adults as compared to infants.

Pain after the surgery

Adults have erections at night time during a particular phase of sleep, so there may be a lot of pain during different durations in the initial 1st month. So, the patient is given medicine to control the erection frequency for 4 to 6 weeks along with some strong painkillers to provide relief from pain.

Off from work

As most adults are busy with their jobs and business, they will be required to take off from their work for at least 1 month before planning the Hypospadias repair surgery.


It is recommended to get a test named Uroflowmetry done to check the speed and flow of urine passage after 3 months and 1 year of the surgery to ensure that the new passage is of good caliber.

Best Hospital For Hypospadias Surgery In India

The SCI hospital is the leading best hospital for Hypospadias surgery in India where the treatment is done as an outpatient and is quite affordable with a surgery time of 1 hour to 3 hours. Our completely experienced team under the guidance of the best hypospadias surgeon in India makes sure that the hospital time is as minimum as possible to reduce any extra troubles to the child or the family with our advanced medical treatments by our best Hypospadias surgeon in India. This also reduced the pain caused to the child with all discomfort. The ease and success of the surgery increases by getting the treatment from the best hospital for hypospadias surgery in India which guides you from the initial examination to the successful surgery at the end. The advanced technology and experienced team of doctors at the SCI hospital make it the best hospital for Hypospadias surgery in India and are trusted by many patients for extreme care.

Under the guidance of the best Hypospadias surgeon in India, Dr. Gautam Banga, and Dr. Ashwani Kumar, the experienced team of doctors at the best hospital for Hypospadias surgery in India is led to perform advanced surgical treatment for Hypospadias at the SCI hospital. The patient is even discharged on the same day or maximum by the next day. We provide advanced new- born Hypospadias repair treatment in which the infants undergo surgery after birth. Consult the best Hypospadias surgeon in India at the SCI hospital which is trusted by millions of patients as the best hospital for Hypospadias surgery in India to get the best treatment at affordable prices.

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